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This glee future roleplay group is looking for roles to be filled! Check it out and if you are interested send an audition.

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For her debut single I really wish she did a song that showcased her voice more but I do like the song and listen to it on repeat so…it’s still good.

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Are you looking for a fun rpg?

Look no farther! Me and a few of my friends decided to open one. Check out the site and apply! Many roles need filling…wanky.

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Jessica is Naya's biggest fan


This video had me in tears, i’m so glad Lucy posted it because it means that Naya saw it and wanted to say thank you.

Thank you so much for posting my video! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’m sorry it made you cry but if it makes you feel any better I had to redo that last part a few times until I could get it so I didn’t cry. She’s just helped me through so much and I wanted her to know that. Lucy, did respond to me and that was awesome, but I wish Naya would’ve responded from her twitter. :P

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It Knows It'll Be Born Again and Start Fresh Anew

I’m currently in this awesome roleplay group as Santana Lopez-Pierce! I’ve been having a blast since I started. There are a lot of roles still looking to be filled! Check it out, you won’t regret it.

I don’t think I’ll be able to call Rebel Wilson

anything other than Fat Amy…

So Hemo is pregnant

and the world will be fucking shocked when the baby comes out looking like Vanessa Lengies ‘cause let’s face it, the baby is Naya’s. (;

Where Fate Takes Us

She has given up her true passion because of that night. Now Santana is off to the California Institute of the Arts to get her masters in the fine art program. Apart from her gift in the arts, she also has another ‘gift’ that can be the biggest pain in her ass. What happens when fate leads her to a beautiful blonde roommate?

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Spring Breakers review
  1. I’ve never heard fuck come out of someones mouth so many times in one sentence. Yay Vanessa and Ashley.
  3. VAH/BENZO/FRANO THREE SOME Hayy, got room for one more? (;
  4. Disappointed that Selena disappeared half way through the movie :(
  5. WEED.
  6. cocaine
  7. Ash Lendzion and Hemo’s part was literally 30 seconds long - extremely disappointed.
  8. It was really repetitive with the narrating. 
  9. At times it was confusing.
  10. Really wish I got a full glimpse of Ashley Benson’s tatas, I’ve already seen Vanessa - she made an upgrade tho! She learned about a razor or waxing.
  11. James Franco did you really give a blowjob to a gun?

Overall, it wasn’t what I expected - it was way more twisted than I thought. Hemo should have got the part of the 4th spring breaker but I don’t think she would have gotten naked for the camera like that girl did.

It was really good and kept me entertained but that shit is hardcore.